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The more I talk about it the more I find that there are a lot of people that don’t know what Pandora Radio is. Pandora Radio is the most amazing thing to happen to music since the iPod. Pandora is available as an app for iPhone, Android or on the site
Either download it on your smart phone or go to the website. Using it is simple. Once downloaded or logged into the site, you’ll type in an artist. This is the absolute amazing part: any artist you type in, Pandora will play it and also every artist that is melodically similar. These are what Pandora calls stations.

Whether on your smartphone or online, the controls are the same. There is an ability to favorite a song or dislike it. You can also store as many stations as you want for many differing sounds. What’s also nice is the feature to buy a song as you’re listening to it. Pandora will link you to iTunes, Amazon MP3 or Amazon CD.

Pandora has opened me up to a lot of new artists this way. I’ve found so many new artists I’ve never heard of and now I want to buy their music. So I highly recommend everyone check it out. Just plug in your earbuds and get ready for euphoria.

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