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If  you’ve ever applied to a job, you’ve had to submit a resume. It’s an annoying yet necessary step in the job application process. But, as the first representation of your skills, it can often have the most bearing on whether you’re called for an interview or not.

To combat this painstaking task, and even make it enjoyable, a local startup called Careerimp has launched a new web application called Resunate that is turning your resume into a real competitive advantage.

In a recent live demo I was lucky enough to sneak a peek into Resunate, which officially unveils at next week. As a follow-up, Careerimp sent Techburger a press release to introduce Resunate and the intelligent technology strategically used to get you the interview call of your dreams. Here’s what’s being brought to the Web on April 18th:

The world of job applications is changing, faster than most job seekers realize. With increased access to online job boards and career sites, the average number of applicants per job opening in the U.S. now hovers around 200. As a result, employers are spending less and less time reviewing resumes. This means job seekers must become more strategic in how they present themselves. You can no longer submit a general resume with a smorgasbord of skills. That’ll only make an employer wonder why you’re bothering to apply. Instead, you have to focus your resume for every job. This requires knowing what employers look for. But who has that insight or the time to figure it out? No one.

At Careerimp, we’ve spent our careers investigating how employers search for candidates and what factors weigh the highest in getting you that interview call – so we created Resunate, the first tool on the market to automatically create different resumes for different jobs. How does it work? Through the application of semantic matching technology, the same technology employers use to find relevant experiences in your resume. Using Resunate you can essentially screen your own work history by simply inputting a job descriptions and watching the right resume kick back to you every time.

In a recent study conducted with employers, Resunate resumes were found to be two TIMES more likely to be called in for an interview than resumes submitted without using Resunate. What this means for you is you can finally get the resume and resume your life.

Resunate’s official launch is April 18th – before then, you can reserve an account and find out more by going to


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