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New York city and the FCC are working with select wireless carriers to develop geo-based Emergency Alert System.

Mayor Bloomberg announced the PLAN (Personalized Localized Alerting Network) from what was the site of the World Trade Center. 

According to New york City Mayor Bloomberg:

One of the many lessons that were reinforced on 9/11 is the importance of getting clear and accurate information to the public–that’s why we’ve made improving our emergency public communications a top priority. As part of this effort, we’re harnessing tech in innovative new ways, which is something I found to be effective in both business and government for improving service delivery.

The idea is that the mobile alert system works with the current Emergency Alert system and notifies the general public of an emergency in their locale.

There would be three levels of alert. A national, Presidential alert, Threat level alerts and Amber alerts. The latter two are optional.

What do you think? privacy issues? would you want to know? would you want this to be opt-in?  Drop a comment!


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