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LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM–(Marketwire – May 10, 2011) –

EuroSmartz (, the Number One Apple(R) iPad(R) & iPhone(R) print app development company, today announced another world first with the addition of Google Cloud Print(R) to its flagship app – PrintCentral Pro ( This new addition to PrintCentral Pro adds yet another choice for printing to existing printers – so customers no longer need to buy a new printer just to be able to print from an iPad or iPhone.

Printing to ANY printer from an iOS device is now a reality with PrintCentral Pro v2.0. Customers can print directly to most wireless printers, to all printers via a Mac/PC or now using Google Cloud Print.

PrintCentral Pro v2.0 also brings with it, an update to the PDF conversion facility built into the app. This now means it is faster and easier to convert a document, web page or email into a PDF from within PrintCentral Pro. Printing and PDF conversion from other apps has also been enhanced. By simply using the "Open in…" function from other iPad or iPhone apps – documents and files can quickly be transferred and printed, or converted to a PDF with just 3 taps! Once a PDF is created it can be emailed, printed or transferred to a Mac, PC or other apps.

Document Management

PrintCentral Pro remains the leading document management app available on the app store today. With wide ranging support for PDF display, reading and printing, through to the ability to open, view, print and convert Office & iWork files – PrintCentral Pro stands alone in document management field. PrintCentral Pro also enables the easy transfer of documents to and from your PC or Mac over the "air" using a wireless network.

Cloud Storage

PrintCentral Pro v2.0 has extended support for Cloud based services. The app has built in support for Google Docs, Dropbox,, iDisk, FTP and WebDAV services. If a customer uses any of these services it means they can easily print documents from the cloud, or transfer and manage documents from their iPad without having to go to a Mac or PC.

Ian Schenkel, CEO at EuroSmartz comments: "We are continuing to push the boundaries of what is possible with the iPad & iPhone as a business tool. Building direct, wide ranging printing support for these devices to an existing printer is a complex undertaking. We have provided a seamless customer experience that is both easy to use and tightly integrated to existing printers. This combined with the advanced document management and services like Google Cloud Print easily makes PrintCentral Pro the best business productivity tool available on the app store".

Price & Availability

PrintCentral Pro version 2.0 will be a free upgrade to existing customers and is now available on the Apple iTunes App Store worldwide for just USD $9.99, GBP 5.99 or EUR 7.99 for the iPad version, or USD $8.99, GBP 5.49 or EUR 6.99 for the iPhone version.

About EuroSmartz

EuroSmartz was the first company to bring the functionality of printing photos, contacts, web pages and more to the iPhone when it released "Print" in late December 2008. Since that time EuroSmartz has become the number one provider of printing apps for the iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch. EuroSmartz’ app "Print n Share" was selected by Apple to be featured in the "Office" iPhone TV commercial which aired throughout 2009. In 2010 EuroSmartz’ other leading app "PrintCentral" was featured as "App of the Week" in the UK and European iTunes App Stores.

EuroSmartz was founded by two brothers from New Zealand in 1994 and has excelled at developing software products across multiple platforms and operating systems.