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Early TV watchers probably would have called it a miracle of technology that a television could be controlled from the couch. Nowadays, a remote that controls only the TV seems primitive considering today’s possibilities.

Centralized remote systems now have the capability to control nearly all the vital systems at home or in the workplace. Automated systems like ADT Pulse and ADT Pulse for business allow homeowners or operators of a business to control a building’s key functions without even having to be present. Such systems allow you to control multiple appliances and devices from either an in-home remote, mobile phone or a computer. The system uses Z-wave technology, which allows remote devices to communicate with home systems. ADT systems also use smart phone applications that allow users to adjust their home settings with an easy-to-use template.

Here are a few examples of what you can do with an automated home or business system:

Home security system: Remote systems allow you to disarm your system if somebody needs to get into your home and will immediately notify you of an alarm or security alert.

Heating and cooling systems: Being able to control the temperature within your home or business while you are away can lead to both energy savings and a comfortable temperature the minute you walk in the door.

Video monitoring: Installing automated video cameras allows you to check up on your home or business while you are away, or see who’s at the front door before you go to open it.

Lights: By connecting your lights to an automated system, you can control them from anywhere in the home remotely. You may also program your lights to stay on at certain times to give potential intruders the impression that somebody is home.

Automated alerts: By programming a censor or video camera to send you alerts when people come through the doors, you’ll know when your child made it home safely from school or whether your dog walker was there to let your dog out when you’re on vacation.

Device monitoring: Using this technology, you can also monitor energy and water usage levels to ensure that all your appliances are working correctly. Sensors can notify you in case of a water leak or other emergency.

By outfitting your home with a remote operating system, you can enjoy the serenity that comes with knowing your home is safe when you are away and the comfort that comes with being able to control everything while barely having to lift a finger.