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There’s a new app that details more than 350 common, notorious, scams from around the world.

The idea behind the app is to make users aware of what the different scams are and how they work.

There are two versions of the app – a free version and a paid version (only 99 cents).

It’s cause is admirable. The developer came up with the idea after a friend lost a significant amount of money to a Nigerian Scam.

I deal with scams, in one form or another, on a daily basis and they’re all too prevalent and far too many people fall for them.

Any information is good information.  

Check out and look in the iPhone app store for the Scam Detector.

[Video and press release after the jump]


Edmonton, AB, CanadaJune 27, 2011 – Canadian company, Amos Studios, announces the launch of Scam Detector. The new iPhone application reveals in detail over 350 of the most popular scams in the world.

The scams are separated into nine categories: auto, face to face, telephone, travel, and internet, which is broken down into five areas: social networking, financial, employment, housing, and online auctions.

“People need to be aware there are others out there, who given the opportunity, will not hesitate to victimize them”, says the application’s developer, Sorin Mihailovici. “This has been made easier through advancements in technology, as crooks are finding new ways to ply their trade around the world. It took almost a year to re­search the content and it is now at the point where I am confident Scam Detector can save people from becom­ing victims. The Pro version of Scam Detector provides ongoing protection with free updates.”

The app’s search feature is optimized to find words within the scam descriptions. So if some­one is approached by a con artist, who has a proposal that seems too good to be true, saying for instance, “you can earn more money working at home”. All the user of the app has to do is input a keyword or two fitting the situation and it will find the Work at Home scam, and all related scams.

"The Scam Detector app is current and even allows you to submit your own scams. This is one app I will never delete of my iPhone", says Jeff Hughes, the author of: iPhone and iPad Apps Marketing: Secrets to Selling Your iPhone and iPad Apps.

Scam Detector is available for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, for $0.99US. The Lite version of the app is free, but lists fewer scams.A Scam Detector version for the Android platform is in the works and will be available soon.

A video trailer of the app along with high quality screenshots can be seen at A media kit is also available on the newsroom page.

Amos Studios, a multi-media company based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, was formed in 2009 by Sorin Mihailovici for the purpose of creating smartphone apps, videos, and commercials.