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First, let me say this – like any form of Analytics I don’t put too much weight in a Klout score.  It’s good to gauge when you’re doing well and when you’re not doing so well in your Social Networking.   The chart goes up I think “huh, that’s good”. The chart goes down I think “what do I need to change?”.  I don’t live and die by my Klout score – neither should you.

At the beginning of June Klout introduced their +K scoring system. With the +K system, other Klout users can ‘+K’ Klout users in specific topic areas.  i.e “hey, I think this person knows a lot about blogging, I think I’ll vote them up”.

Now, I did like Klout because it ranked using its own algorithms, away from any influence external to their system (naturally apart from organic growth). Now, with the +K Klout influence can be skewed by…well…. popularity.

I’m defining ‘popularity’ differently to influence of course. Popularity, in this case, is more a juvenile, high school sense of a definition.

It’s the Pretty Blonde side of Social Media that is getting to me.  If I, as a pretty, leggy, blonde (which I’m kinda not) were to flutter my eyelashes and sweetly ask my Twitter and Facebook Followers to +K me in a particular Topic they likely would… whether I have any knowledge in that topic or not.

On the other side there are the not to pretty types (of which I’m kinda not) who have legitimate knowledge and influence in certain arenas who won’t get nearly the same attention.


All I’m saying is that I believe +K can skew scores and influence.   What do you think?


See the Klout Bog post on +K for more info


For the record, here’s my Klout info: