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The region’s metropolitan planning organization (MPO), the Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission, is now accepting public input on the draft 2040 Transportation and Development Plan for Southwestern Pennsylvania. This plan helps to guide the region’s growth and development patterns. At stake is channeling investments for infrastructure and economic development in ways that can improve quality of life, lessen the cost of doing business, increase long-term profitability, help reduce infrastructure costs, and contribute to recruitment and retention of employees.

Come learn more about how the region’s draft 2040 Transportation and Development Plan is material to sustainable development. This session will equip you to provide formal comment to SPC by their 6/17 deadline.

Business leaders in America are increasingly focused on rationalizing regional patterns of development to more successfully spur economic prosperity and extend livability to more persons. The bottom line business case of smart growth is increasingly apparent.

Come be part of the conversation about how the region’s plan and you can help to:
– channel the pattern and character of growth and development to hasten regional sustainability that protects and enhances investments
– ensure economic growth occurs without the impacts and inefficiencies of unchecked sprawl
– promote sustainable communities
– level the field for development and redevelopment to revitalize our older urban centers
– focus on the new economic nexus of land use, transportation, housing, and transit oriented development
– learn about new interactive tools to analyze the suitability of locations for transit oriented development

Friday, June 10
11:30 am – 1:00 pm
Regional Enterprise Tower, 31st Floor
No fee to attend
Bring a brownbag lunch. Dessert provided.

Presented by Sustainable Pittsburgh, Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission, Urban Land Institute – Pittsburgh District Council

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