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Is IP Communications Really for Me?

I know. You have heard enough about IP communications, unified communications, cloud communications, and any other fancy communications the industry pundits choose to talk about. But it’s still hard to make the right decisions. Vendors are sending confusing messages. Your internal stakeholders are not agreeing on what is best for your business. It may be worth for you (IT or telecom person) to sit down and think really hard (again) about your specific challenges and objectives and then make some better informed and more confident decision about your infrastructure evolution.IP communications, VoIP, UC, etc. mean different things to different people. Benefits vary from business to business. Deployment methods vary from business to business. The more technology evolution accelerates and the more complex communications architectures become, the more important it is to go through a proper assessment and discovery process prior to make radical, or even incremental, technology changes.But you are always too busy to strategize. There is always too much on your plate – and everything needs to be handled right here, right now. And that’s how you get trapped in a vicious cycle – having to make rash decisions to only partially resolve major operational or strategic issues.

It’s hard to do, but you need to take the time and launch a structured initiative, with all key stakeholders on board, to properly analyze your challenges and recommend sustainable, long-term solutions. This is the only way you can make your infrastructure work for you – make you more efficient and a more valuable asset within the organization.

I will be talking about the benefits of IP communications, the evolving value proposition of IP telephony and the key elements of a proper assessment and discovery process at several telecom industry events this summer.

Author: Robert Stevens

Robert is the leading expert in Telecommunications, technology, and Utilities for the small to medium sized business audience. With an award winning and well recognized business model that addresses many concerns of both domestic and international organizations. Total Telecom Consulting and Total Cost Containment has reduced Client Operating Expenses by over 10 Million Dollars in 4 continents.

Robert has been featured in Fast Company Magazine and Recognized by The Telecom Association as an industry leading expert. Robert has also Received Various Testimonials and Recommendations by Telecom Carriers and energy Companies. He has also establishing an Association of Consulting Firms that focus on the top 10 most painful areas of Corporate P&L Statements. Roberts business model is creating a new standard in Corporate Cost Containment Services.