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imageWhat is Apple AirPlay? well, needless to say, it’s an Apple thing.  AirPlay lets users stream music, video and pictures (basically multimedia) wirelessly across AirPlay capable devices.

For example – If I have an Apple TV device hooked up to my television and wireless network, I can stream media from my iPad or iPhone to my television.

Why?  Well, it’s all well and goo d being able to watch YouTube videos on my iPhone.  Life gets even better when I can watch YouTube videos on my iPad but its amazing when I can browse YouTube on my iPad or iPhone, tap on a video and watch it on my TV!

It’s a standard that has been/is being developed by Apple to work with their devices and their third party vendor devices (i.e iPhone/iPod/iPad docks, speakers, TV, Stereos etc)

The idea is that you will be able to have speakers, TVs and docks all over your house and you can choose to stream your media to and or all of them as you please and as seamlessly as possible. image

And it works, wirelessly and securely.

Though AirPlay was announced and released in September of 2010, in my opinion it still lacks application and adoption.

The potential is there but either Apple isn’t opening it up enough or there simply aren’t enough people jumping on board.

Maybe it’s the whole technology – Chicken and egg – syndrome. Maybe there aren’t enough people with AirPlay receiver devices (Apple TV and Airport express) to make it viable but to make it viable there would need to be more receiver devices…. and on and on.


I’m sure that if Hulu (for example) was available on the Apple TV or were an AirPlay capable application then Apple would sell a whole lot more Apple TV devices.

In fact, it’s disappointing that Hulu doesn’t stream via Airplay.

However, there will be exciting developments – Apple is planning ‘AirPlay Mirroring’ in iOS5 wherein Apple iPad 2 owners can stream their iPad screen to an HDTV via AirPlay which, hopefully will open up a few more possibilities.
Imagine – this could be the answer to people who want to browse the Internet on the TV – FINALLY!

Which iOS Apps are AirPlay capable? well, right now…. meh… VEVO is a good one to check out, NBC Nightly News, Discover Channel HD, IMDB, NPR and TED rock the top spots.
Don’t forget that some Safari browser videos can stream too.

What apps would I want to see made AirPlay capable? well, of course, anything video related Smile, Google Earth, iPad and iPod games. and and much more.

Do you use Airplay? what would you change?