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So, I got my hands on a Vapor Pro iPhone 4 case…… and I love it!

I’ve made it a well known fact that my iPhone takes a beating.  I’m not overly careful with my phone, that’s for sure, it goes in my fire gear, it gets thrown around my car, it gets lost at home, it goes in and out of pockets.  It isn’t that I don’t care about my phone its just that….. well….. it’s a phone, not a human heart.

Now I have a screen protector and the Vapor Pro case looking after my phone.


Yes, yes, yes, the Element Case Cases are pretty expensive and exclusive but there’s a reason for that.  It’s pure quality. From the moment you get the package to keeping it on your phone it’s all about quality.

(can you tell I’m impressed?)

Available in a variety of colors the three part case actually screws on to your iPhone with 4 tiny screws, two on two of the corners.

What’s nice is that there’s a screwdriver (Vapor Speed Wrench) and two spare screws that come as a part of the package. The screws screw into the screwdriver cap and the screwdriver loops on to your keychain.
Why?  I’m not quite sure.  You might think that the screws might come loose in the case. I’ve had mine on for some time and they haven’t budged.

3 parts?  Right, essentially the top and upper left corner of the phone and the left side, the lower right corner bottom and right side and a small piece for the bottom left of the phone.

Each part comes in a color.

As well as the aircraft grade aluminum case, as a part of my package I received an Ultrasuede back plate. I admit, I thought the stick-on back plate was a little jenk at first and thought twice about applying it to my phone.
I do like it though.  It makes the phone a little different, makes it a little more tactile and less…. slippy (Pittsburgh-ism) it almosts sticks to surfaces now.

Of course, the case helps to prevent the iPhone 4 “Death Grip” problem (which I have yet to experience).

The edge of the case raises just above the phone keeping the phone itself off surfaces.

You’d think that a metal case would make a difference to the weight and feel of the phone.  The weight difference is barely there and the feel… well… it feels better. To me at least.

I would say that it’s a right-handed case though.  the corners stick out in such a way that it works well if you’re right handed and holding it. Not so much in your left hand though.

Here are some more of the Vapor Pro case features:

  • Rugged, Lightweight and versatile design
  • CNC machined from a solid block of aircraft grade aluminum
  • Plush black Ultrasuede® backing and ear pad
  • Accepts larger aftermarket power and headphone cables
  • Aerospace polymer RF insert prevents "death grip" signal loss
  • For all versions of the iPhone 4
  • Made in the USA

In all, the case is a marvelous case.   I don’t know whether it’s worth $130.00 but it is a great case.
*However, if you hunt around online there are very similar cases for less*

Find out more about the Vapor Pro case here.

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