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(ARA) – It’s back-to-school time again, which means new teachers, new classrooms and new routines. As the long summer days are coming to an end, fall schedules start and families get back into the swing of the school year. To help kids make the transition, it’s important to create a healthy balance of school duties and family time, while maintaining the summer energy and fun.

Here are some tips to help your family create and preserve cherished memories during this back-to-school season.

Digitally preserve school memories

School artwork, important documents and first day photos are special reminders of your child’s time spent in school. Keeping physical copies of these items can be cumbersome, with fragile pieces of artwork often ending up damaged or lost.

  • Skip storing items in a dusty basement box and create a digital scrapbook the whole family can enjoy.
  • Preserve special memories by taking photos of your kids’ artwork and uploading the images to a CD or flash drive with other important documents and photos.

  • Create digital scrapbooks or online photo albums, a fun activity that makes these items easily accessible for out-of-town family.

  • Involve the whole family to inspire imagination and create lasting memories.

  • Create musical moments

  • Master morning chores, homework assignments and after-school errands with the help of family-friendly playlists.

  • Create an upbeat playlist to help get kids through the morning routine of brushing teeth, eating breakfast and getting out the door.

  • Lullabies and classical music have been known to help people absorb more information and de-stress.

  • Use music to support after-school study sessions and keep kids on task.

  • Make car time fun by letting your kids pick the playlist.

  • Let them include some favorite sing-along tunes to help travel time fly by.

  • Schedule time for family

It’s easy for family moments to get lost in the shuffle of everyday routines. Just as you would schedule a practice or work meeting, consider scheduling regular family time.

  • Choose any type of game (video, board, sports) that is team-oriented to bring the family together.
  • Turn daily chores into family fun by hosting a cooking competition or a high-speed room cleaning contest.

  • Taking time to be together will improve communication, build a solid support system at home and create more meaningful family time.

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