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GarageBand Drum Kit iPad

GarageBand Drum Kit iPad

I’m not normally one for music games and “Rocking out” in general.  When I was much younger I was a percussionist in a Brass Band (yes, typical little Drummer boy Smile ) and though I have hardly touched a kit since my eyes must have lit up at least a little when I saw the Garage Band App in the Apple store for my iPad.

A part of the iLife suite of applications, GarageBand is a great, entertaining app for those with and without any musical inclination.

Here’s Apple’s description:

Whether you’re a musical prodigy or just love creating your own walls of sound, GarageBand for iPad gives you all the tools you need to lay down fresh tracks and record music anywhere you go.

GarageBand Recording Studio iPad

GarageBand Recording Studio iPad

Use drums (my favorite), drum machines, keyboards or synthesizers to play around or compose your own music with your own garage band.

Among the features there’s an integrated recording studio where you can piece together all your tracks.

I was impressed to find voice recording options and even a guitar amp – that’s right, plug in your guitar and use the iPad as an amp.

GarageBand Smart Drums iPad

GarageBand Smart Drums iPad

My favorite feature though, is the Smart Drums. Drop your kit components into the grid, deciding whether you want their beats to be loud, soft, simple or complex, and listen to your beats take shape… or just roll the dice and take your chances.

Of course you can record and share your musical masterpieces, save them for later or just re-record when you’re not happy with your track.

This is a great app and for just $4.99 it really is great fun.

Just search the app store for “GarageBand”

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