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GeekBeatTV #294: h was Software Freedom Day – how did you celebrate open source code?


00:25 Software Freedom Day

Software Freedom Day is a single day a year where people all over the world get together in their own cities to celebrate and encourage the use of Free Software and Open Source Software. I visited the Dallas Makerspace where the event was being held in Dallas, Texas, and found out from everyone why THEY use free software.

02:20 Top 10 Reasons to Use Free and Open Source Software

10) Linux is a good Operating System for "clickers".
9) It's just a good thing to do!
8) You can modify free and open source software to meet your needs.
7) It's a capitalist tool that gives small companies a way to compete with larger companies.
6) Free software allows you to spend your hard earned money on other stuff!
5) It protects you against Vendor Lock In.
4) It's good enough for IBM! They use Audacity.
3) When you don't need to use a piece of software often, there's no need to purchase expensive software when free ones will meet your needs.
2) HP uses Linux in their Enterprise Business Servers.
1) The community. When you need help, they're there. No calling 800 numbers and getting frustrated. It's a better way to work.


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