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GeekBeatTV #307: the wake of Steve Jobs’ passing this week, it’s hard the imagine how different many of our lives would have been without the projects he lead.RIP Steve Jobs. The co-founder of Apple has touched every geek in one way or another. His attention to detail on product and design will be the golden standard for generations to come.


00:50 Cancer is Personal for Me

I've seen what cancer can do to a family; my sister lost her husband to it, so I take it personally.

01:12 Apple Tech Made My Career Possible

The iPod with Video, and iTunes, together made it possible for me to start doing web videos, and do this work that I love so much. I truly owe the career I have today to innovations that came from the people at Apple under Steve Jobs' direction.

04:57 Personal Stories of Brushes with Steve Jobs

I have a couple stories. One about the time I almost met Steve, and another from a friend who works at Apple.

06:29 Things We Can Take Away

Steve said a lot of things in his life that are worth considering as we look at the choices we make. Steve Jobs lived an extraordinary life – our lives can all be just as amazing.

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GeekBeatTV #307:

Thank you for your support Geekers, this one was tough!

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