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As I predicted on August 4th of this year Starbucks will soon be discontinuing their Card Mobile app (see the post here).  It looks like they’ll be consolidating and moving to a “Starbucks for iPhone”.

Here’s what Starbucks has to say about the change.

“To simplify your Starbucks app experience we have combined
all features into one app: Starbucks for iPhone.
The new app includes all of the features of Starbucks Card Mobile, plus introduces some new ones – like sending eGifts, nutrition information, coffee descriptions, social sharing and retina display support!
Log in to Starbucks for iPhone with your existing account information. You will not miss a beat with mobile payment,
and all of your current Stars will be rolled over.”

So, all you Starbucks lovin’, card carryin’, iPhone toutin’people be sure to make the change.