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LogMeIn is a great product – it’s an excellent remote desktop connection service, even though every time I say it or type it I think of Chinese food.

Well, not from the people who brought you LogMeIn comes a simple, almost instant screen sharing service.

Here’s what the fine people at LogMeIn have to say about

Powered by LogMeIn, is a great way to meet with
anyone online. Share your screen instantly to collaborate on
the fly, demo products in real time, show off super-duper fast
or get together when you’re not.
You also get sweet features like a
Personalized Link &
Background, Meeting Scheduler and Presenter Swap
for incredibly easy tag-team presentations. Viewers don’t
even have to download a thing to see your screen.
It’s pretty awesome. So awesome that Time magazine
named it one of the 50 best websites of 2011.

Best of all – is free! – no registration needed.

All you need to do if head over to – click on whether you’re the ‘sharer’ or the ‘shareee’ – tap in a code and off you go (theoretically).

Of course, if you want a few more bells and whistles you can pay $19 per moth and make it more like a meeting/presenter application.

Now, top all this off with mobile options and you have a really great product.

Yes, there’s an (free) iPhone app – you don’t even have to be at your computer to share someone else’s screen!

Check out

Download the free iPhone app

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