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iGo Product overview

It’s a hassle to have to have multiple chargers for each device you own. One for the car, one for home, one for the office, you see where i’m going here. Well the folks at iGo have the solution for you. The iGo Charge Anywhere – Universal Charging Battery. The iGo Charge Anywhere is available from Verizon Wireless, and is the solution for all you phone charging needs. Continue reading for my full review.

The Problem today is our devices use more and more power and the battery size on today’s devices just can keep up for a full day of use.  Thanks to iGo you can now have one charger and take it wherever you go. No need for multiple chargers anymore. What, you have a Android phone but use a iPod? That’s no problem with the iGo, it is universal and can work with most if not all devices.

The secret behind the iGo is the built in battery in the Charger. This 1800 mAh battery charges all while you charge you devices. Just plug the iGo into a wall outlet and ,thanks to having two USB Ports, not only can you charge up to two devices at ones, you also charge the internal battery. Once the device is fully charged, just unplug and take the charger wherever you go.

The iGo comes with a 6ft USB charging cable that takes interchangeable tips for compatibility with all your devices. Included in the package from Verizon Wireless is a Apple iPhone/iPod tip and a MicroUSB tip. The is a clip on the USB cable to store you tips  so you never have to worry about misplacing them.This combination will work with your most of all your new Cellular devices and Smart Phones.

As you can see above on the front of the iGo there are two status lights to show you if the internal batteries are charged or not. On the reverse side is the collapsible prongs for charging from a wall outlet. On the underside of the iGo are the 2 USB ports to plug your devices into. You can also see the charging adapters in their clip.

The 1800 mAh battery is very similar to the battery size in most new Verizon 4G Smart Phones, so you basically have a full charge with you no matter where you go. At the end of the day just come home, plug the charger into the wall and charge you phone overnight, and you are good to go for the next day.


This is a very handy device to have and would recommend it to anyone having battery issues. Check you or go to your local Verizon Wireless store and pick up your own for $39.99



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