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Updated Dec 31st 2011
Verizon rescinded their decision to charge customers’ payment transactions and we’re very happy about that. However….
Yes, I get that there was a big deal made of the $2 Verizon Wireless payment charges. 
I get that $2 isn’t all that much. 
I’m happy that Verizon decided to reverse the decision there. 

What I don’t get is that some executive at Verizon thought it would be a good idea to even contemplate this fee. Are they that far removed that they didn’t think there would be a public backlash? 

Original Post

Verizon Wireless has stirred up something of a hornet’s nest after announcing that they will start collecting a fee for paying your wireless bill online.

Effective January 15th customers making a one-time payment via phone or the Verizon web site will be charged an additional $2 for the pleasure of the experience.

It’s a “convenience fee”.

The fee can be avoided by:

  • Paying by Electronic Check
  • Enrolling in their automatic payment system
  • By using an in-store payment kiosk
  • Paying by check
  • Paying by Money Order
  • Paying via your Bank
  • Using Verizon Gift/Rebate cards

Wow Verizon – really? How about introducing a rotary dial phone to your line-up? We seem to like going backwards here.

There are already customers who have threatened to drop service because of the fee. There are online petitions circulating. Best of all there are many people who are threatening to take jars of pennies to make payment at Verizon Stores.

It’s an obvious effort by Verizon to push people into Automatic Payments and, of course, to make a few extra bucks.

Banks have tried similar schemes by charging for deposits.
You want people to pay their bills, right?  You want people to deposit money, right?  Why make it costly and more difficult?

I know, I know, I know. It’s $2. I think for me it would be less the cost and more the principle.

Hopefully Verizon will cave to public outcry.
Either way, it’s not a good move… by pretty much any company.

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