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It’s possible that you may have already seen this app but if you haven’t – well – it’s quite amazing.

Currently free in the Apple App store the “Action Movie” app is a really great way to play with video and add your own action movie special effects to them.

Produced by Bad Robot Productions, created by Andrew Kramer and David Baronoff  and sound design by Skywalker Sound the app does a really great job of doing what it’s supposed to do.

Open the app, pick your effect and use your camera to shoot your scene. 
Make sure your target is lined up with where you want the effect to be at the end of your movie.
Choose where in the video you want your effect.
Hit “OK” and you’re done!

It really is that simple.

I just sat in my car this morning in a parking lot and shot some sample videos (below) to give you an idea of what the app can do. If you search around online you’ll see that some users have used their imaginations and come up with some rather creative videos.

There are two effects that come free with the app and there are two effect packages available, each with two more effects that sell for 99cents per pack.

Why does this deserve a TechBurgh post?

Imagine the possibilities!  You’re shooting video and adding an entirely believable effect with your phone. Unimaginable just a couple of years ago, right? Imagine what could happen.

The video ends when the effect ends making it the finale to whatever you’re shooting.

It’s really very clever. The footage doesn’t freeze to apply the effect, it just keeps on trucking in the background.
Your camera doesn’t have to be absolutely still either – there is some motion compensation in the app.

When you’re done with your epic movie share it by posting it to Facebook, email it or save it to your device right from in the app.   Just search the app store for “Action Movie”.

It’s really sweet! Give it a try on your iOS device and post a link to what you came up with in the comments.

Author: Andy Quayle

Andy was born in the Isle of Man and currently lives in Pittsburgh.
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