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Teletrix Corporation, manufacturers of radiation training simulation added Carlos Contreras to its sales and marketing team.  As the company’s field sales and marketing representative, Contreras brings not only a vast store of knowledge and experience to the task, but also a deep respect and commitment to the nuclear industry.

“I am a firm believer in Nuclear Power and anything that can be done to improve training is a positive!  The difference in training methods prior to our use of Teletrix instruments at Beaver Valley was night and day.  We were now able to provide actual hands-on training without the need for human interface.  The equipment was used by plant personnel as well as State and County personnel and it always received positive reaction and reviews from the end user.  The best job that you can have is one that you enjoy going to, in an arena where you can do what you know best…and perhaps, make a difference.  Teletrix Corporation is that fit for me.”

Contreras’s previous experience includes thirteen years as an Emergency Planner at the Beaver Valley Power Station where he was a qualified nuclear instructor.  In this position he was also responsible for drill exercises and off-site interface with response organizations on Federal, State and County levels including: NRC, DHC, FBI, FEMA, PEMA, PADEP/BRP, Ohio EMA, West VA. Dept. of Homeland Security/Emergency Management.

As well as specialized credentials in Hazmat and Operations Training, he is also a credentialed community service professional with specialized certification in:Operations Training, Hazmat Training and is an EMT Volunteer Instructor and Paramedic. He is a Founding and Current Member of Plum Emergency Medical Services and holds a Hazmat Instructor Certification from Allegheny County, Pittsburgh PA.

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