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Turning on the computer and opening programs can feel as natural as the sun rising in the morning and setting at night. Most of us now use our PCs at work and home to access the Internet for surfing, sending and checking emails, downloading videos and music files, and playing online games.

The Internet is a great way to connect with all the fun activities you enjoy online, but how do you know that you aren’t sharing more than photos with your best friend, or receiving more than a challenge to play a game through a social networking site from your sibling? And how do you know that your co-worker’s important file that you must download doesn’t contain malicious software that could cause your PC to crash?

PC users who surf the Web, do some online shopping for the holidays, download programs and chat via instant messenger or email are susceptible to also downloading spyware and malware. And before you know it, a business could be tracking all the Internet sites you click on, or an individual might be using a password recorder to see if they can’t glean your security code for your online banking information.

If you haven’t protected your PC from spyware and malware attacks, SUPERAntiSpyware is a program that can help you install a virtual barrier on your computer or laptop. This program will run without slowing down your computer programs, detecting and removing spyware behind the scenes so you don’t have to worry. As an added bonus, SUPERAntiSpyware also can repair broken Internet connections on your PC.

Sign up for a free 14-day trial of the professional edition, which also allows you to schedule when the program will run.

As you turn your PC on to purchase items on your holiday shopping list or to download a video of your best friend’s puppy doing something cute, take a moment to think about all the invisible threats that might be attempting to invade your computer. And then forget about those problems, because you’ve installed a protective barrier against spyware and malware.

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