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When you turn on your PC at home, do you first flip the power button, and then go and run a load of laundry, or better yet, wash the dinner dishes while you wait for your computer to boot up?

None of us like to waste time, and sitting for four to five minutes each day you start up your computer can add up to 1,460 minutes a year. That’s equal to just over 24 hours of precious time wasted. What could you get done in a day if you didn’t have to waste time waiting for your computer to start?

One reason your computer may take a long time to get running is because it’s trying to open several programs when your computer starts. For example, your security program, instant chat program, email program and many other items, some of which you never use, are probably all scrambling to load, which can slow your PC startup time down tremendously. And the longer you own your computer, the more programs you’ll put on it, which can add additional time to startup.

If you’re ready to potentially cut your PC startup time down to a minimum number of seconds versus minutes, try RapidStart by, which is a simple program that provides you with the list of programs on your PC that are attempting to load every time you hit the power button. RapidStart will identify the programs and processes that aren’t needed immediately when powering on your PC, so you can delay, or remove them from your startup. These programs and processes are based on recommendations and crowd-sourced recommendations from the RapidStart user community.

The program has the following features:

  • Identifies all startup items and classifies them into removable and non-removable categories.
  • Recommends removal of programs, which you can handle with just a few clicks.
  • Has easy undo features in case you change your mind.
  • Reports programs that were installed or uninstalled since the previous startup and provides real-time notifications when a new startup item is added.


p>Get your PC startup optimized with a visit to

Freeing up your PC to only start the programs you need it to start upon turning the computer on can free up so much more of your time. Now you can start planning what you’re going to do with that extra 24 hours of free time you have.

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