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Have you seen the commercials?  There’s a guy and a girl sitting quite happily on their couch when a small, unassuming spider freaks the girl out. Like any decent man our guy gets up to take care of the spider…. it actually proves to be a little stronger than he appears to be. (if you haven’t seen it, read this post and watch the video at the end)

What’s it a commercial for though?  Pest control? a gym? the National Association for the Protection of Spiders? – wrong!  it’s Candy. Mint, Fruit, Strawberry, Green Apple, or Cinnamon flavored candy.

This violent spider is a spokesperson for (of all things) Mentos.

Who on the Mentos marketing team associated Spiders with candy? Does it really matter?
It has me writing about it doesn’t it? The YouTube video has nearly 60K views (I thought it would be more honestly).

Do you always have to think on the same lines when you market your product/business?

I think it’s a great idea to think outside of the box like this… however, not too far outside and not too strongly.
There are those commercials that ‘cleverly’ use an alternate means to make their mark however, find themselves remembered for little else – including their name.


I wonder how many people know which insurance company is spoken for by a British Gecko?   What is the name of the company who uses squealing, windmill toting, pigs?

My point is – think a little differently when you think about your company marketing. Emphasis on “a little”.  Be clever in your approach but not so radical that your customers can’t see you for your image.

Take a moment, look at what the Mentos company is doing. There’s even a great app for mobile devices that gives you the opportunity to fight spiders yourself.

What do you think?

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Author: Andy Quayle

Andy was born in the Isle of Man and currently lives in Pittsburgh.
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