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It’s interesting how advertisers are changing strategies and pushing their commercials out online before anyone even sees them on TV.

This is happening with the Superbowl this more this year than it has in past years – there are ‘leaks’, previews, and more of even the most anticipated commercials.

Kia reached out to me and dropped me a link to their “Big Game” commercial- I’ve seen clips and a short version on TV but because you’re here you get to see the full thing

Here’s how Kia describes it:

The new 2012 Kia Optima is tearing up the track with Adriana Lima, Chuck Liddell and Motley Crue. Get ready to have your subconscious kicked in the face.

It’s obviously a dream sequence highlighting the sweet looking Kia Optima filled with action, wrestling, bikini clad women, rock music and more.

It’s effective but simple – the (short) sand man accidentally goes a little overboard with his magical dust inducing a star studded, very manly dream containing Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima, 80’s Band Motley Crue, UFC Fighter Chuck Liddell, thousands of bikini babes and a really, really huge sandwich.

Aside from all the eye-candy it’s a rather clever commercial and I like it.

What do you think?

Check out out below and follow @Kia on Twitter, check out the Kia Optima on Facebook and Kia online


Also, if you can’t get enough of Adriana Lima (and who can’t?) Kia was nice enough to post 5 hours of her waving a checkered flag.


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