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It’s that time of year that everyone hates. No not Groundhog Day when we find out we have six more weeks of winter. No, it’s the time of W2’s, deductions, itemized deductions, business losses, adjustable gross income, dependants, and the list goes on and on. Thanks to technology and the multitude of app that are available for your Smart phones and Tablets it is easier than ever to do your own taxes and save some money.

TURBO TAX SNAP TAX: This app lets you prepare and file state and federal income taxes from the palm of your hand. Simply use your smartphone to snap a photo of your W-2, fill out a few quick questions, review and submit. (The app is free, but it does cost a small fee of $14.99 to file your taxes.)

IRS2GO: Offered for the first time this year by the Internal Revenue Service, this app lets taxpayers sign up for helpful tax tips or check on the status of their federal refund

H & R BLOCK MOBILE: Tap into more than 50 years of tax experience from H&R Block and get immediate answers to some of the most commonly asked questions, view a checklist to determine what documents you need and quickly estimate your refund

TAX CASTER: Want to know how big your refund will be? Answer a few quick and easy questions and find out how much you’re going to get back or how much you will owe Uncle Sam this year

MY TAX REFUND: This app tracks e-filed federal tax returns and lets you know when you’ll get your money. It also will let you know if your return is accepted or rejected by the IRS

Tax software for for Apple:



***Note not all app’s are free, and some apps may charge you to file your taxes. Make sure you ready all the fine print before purchasing or sending your taxes via any free app.

**** App’s are available for multiple devices on multiple networks.


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Author: Ben Oaks

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