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*article by Brooke Bartolomeo*

iPhones are a steep investment.  This is especially true for the most recent iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S models.  The hefty price tag is also an indication of the materials used and the durability of the device.  However, accidents do happen.  All it takes is one hard fall to do your iPhone 4/4S in for good.  Repairing and replacing is a frustrating, not to mention expensive process.

Purchasing a protective case is one thing that you can do to guard your device from such damage.  It’s always a good idea to have an insurance plan as well, in the unfortunate event that your case just couldn’t cut it.  What if I told you that a new project that just hit is offering the best of both worlds?

This hybrid product/service, called “cellhelmet” is a rugged iPhone 4/4S case that includes an insurance policy in the price – a pretty low price at that.  For a flat fee of $44.99, you can get yourself a protective case that includes one year of insurance that protects against everything except water damage.  The cellhelmet offers unlimited repairs and one replacement per policy, with a $50 handling fee.  This is made possible through the teaming of with Global Warranty Group, one of the nation’s largest and most recognized insurance administrators.

The three cellhelmet co-founders, Michael Kane, David Artuso, and Bryan McHenry are all Pittsburgh area natives.  Michael Kane, co-founder of, the cellhelmet parent company, is a University of Pittsburgh graduate.  Arguably the best part of all, the cellhelmet will be manufactured entirely in the Pittsburgh region.

The team is seeking funding through, an online community pledging system.  The team needs $10,000 in order to be able to complete their first run of production.  After less than a week, cellhelmet has already found more than two thirds of the necessary funding.  One of the perks of pledging via, rather than waiting until the cellhelmet hits retail is that you can get the product at a $5 discount.  There are also limited edition models available.

Check out the cellhelmet profile to pledge or find out more information.

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