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It’s not a common term yet but there are certain automotive manufacturers who are hoping that it will be.

Currently termed “G-Fi” this new network type is faster than current Wi-Fi networks at up to a gig a second (therefore the ‘G’) however, it’s only good within a few feet of it’s source.

“But what good is that?!” I hear you scream.   Well, see above – automotive manufacturers – car makers are hoping to make this a standard within their vehicles within the next couple of years, turning your car into a home-away-from-home entertainment center.

Connecting mobile devices to your vehicle is becoming increasingly important as dedicated GPS Devices fade away for in-dash systems and multifunction mobile devices.

The idea is that multimedia will be transmitted, at high speed, throughout your car from your phone etc.
Multiple screens throughout your vehicle will be able to stream wirelessly from one central device.

Much more than that?  well, automakers will have to use their imaginations but I hope it won’t stop at just playing cartoons on headrests.

What do you think?

Author: Andy Quayle

Andy was born in the Isle of Man and currently lives in Pittsburgh.
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