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(ARA) – If you’re setting a goal for this semester, make it a double: be productive and engaged, all while staying socially connected on campus. Smartphones let you do it all, from staying on top of your academic work and never missing a social event to helping to nail down the perfect internship opportunity.

Get more done: With integrated calendars, email and instant message applications, smartphones allow you to keep track of your classes, be in touch with professors, and set up club meetings. Looking to cut down on all those books? Tablets are perfect for note-taking, completing reading assignments and writing papers. Not only can they keep you organized and efficient when you’re rushing from class to class, smartphones allow you to maintain your busy social life too. Applications like Foursquare and Poynt for BlackBerry let you share where you are and what you’re doing, and chat with friends within the apps. You can even be the talk of the campus by throwing epic parties using music and recipe apps your guests will enjoy.

Consolidate: Smartphones combine all of your gadgets into one. In addition to being the ultimate mobile connectivity tool, they serve as cameras, music players, notebooks, gaming devices and your real-time social media source. With new social music services, like BBM Music, you can create and share playlists with friends; discover new music, and comment on your friends’ favorite songs. With BlackBerry Tag, you can collaborate even better by sharing contact information, photos, documents, URLs, and other files by tapping one handset against another.

Be inspired: Smartphones empower you to achieve your goals. Use the Web browser to search for internship opportunities on the go, network and stay connected with apps like LinkedIn, and update your resume wherever you are with Docs to Go. When studying abroad, use navigation apps to discover new spots, and share your experiences abroad with family and friends back home. If getting in shape is on your to-do list, smartphones can keep track of miles and workouts, making them the perfect training tools. Follow your passion with challenges like BBM Generation. In the competition, celebs look for the next big thing on college campuses in entrepreneurship, music, sports, fashion, film and pop culture. Competitors use smartphones as a tool to pursue their ambition and show off their innovations.

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