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Specialty chemicals company LANXESS Corporation is currently engaged in a business development effort to market several of its products to the Oil and Gas Industry.

Recently, LANXESS made a significant investment in the review of its portfolio to determine whether any of its products could be utilized in the emerging shale gas industry.  The initial results of this effort identified multiple offerings, such as friction reducers, corrosion inhibitors, scale inhibitors and biocides, that can add a significant value for the industry.

Furthermore, with a focus on sustainability, LANXESS believes its products will provide a “greener” solution to those currently used in the market.

For example, LANXESS Sybron Chemicals Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of LANXESS Corporation that manufacturers ion exchange resins, is working closely with BioteQ Environmental Technologies to develop an economical way to treat acid mine drainage water, which could then be used as make-up water in the hydraulic fracturing process.  Firuza Mir, President of LANXESS Sybron Chemicals Inc., says, “Finding a beneficial use for these stressed water sources is a win for the energy sector and a win for the environment.”

“Our North American headquarters is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – a city at the heart of the growth and investment connected to the Marcellus Shale Formation,” explains Randy Dearth, President and CEO of LANXESS Corporation. “For the chemical industry, shale gas is a game-changer. We believe it will rejuvenate America’s chemistry industry, strengthen U.S. manufacturing, boost exports, create jobs and significantly improve America’s energy security. At LANXESS, we want to be a part of these solutions, part of this progress.”

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