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A new page in science history is written in a grade school classroom, get double your data on Verizon‘s 4G promo, Chrome gets faster with pre-rendering, and a new humanoid robot in Japan is attracting crowds!00:01 Grade School Science Discovery
What comes of teaching kids science? New molecules! A ten-year-old discovered a new energy-storing molecule in the course of her fifth grade chemistry class!

01:19 Verizon Doubles 4G Data
Verizon is bring back their “double data” promotion for smartphone users who sign up for two years of 4G service.

01:48 Newest Chrome Has Pre-Rendering
Google Chrome 17 has landed, bringing pre-rendering so you can get your pages faster, sometimes immediately after hitting “Enter”.

03:11 Japanese Department Store Android
Geminoid-F is an android who lives in a Japanese department store’s display window, attracting crowds of human admirers with her simulated emotions.

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