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Far be it for me to tell Google what to do with their Gmail email but…..

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I was in my gmail today – you know, just as something different to do.  I found myself just going through email, checking each message and deleting it. Not even opening it, just checking and deleting.

I do this a lot with certain email – it’s newsletters I sign up for and notifications but much of it is summed up in a subject and… well… simply doesn’t warrant my opening it.

How about if Google recognized this behavior and sorted this email and at least asked me if I want to deem it all BACN?

I know it would cut down hugely on the amount of email that actually hits my  inbox (and thusly iPhone and iPad)

Of course there are the usual BACN filter thoughts, a button near the “Report Spam” button would be good, just to send it right to a bacn folder.


What do you think?

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