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I did something a little different with a post this morning – I split it up into multiple pages.

Why?  well, it’s good for lists, photo galleries etc. etc.
It also retains readers and decreases bounce rates.

Check out the “10 USB Drives you probably haven’t seen” post for a very basic example.

How do you do it?  well, assuming you use WordPress (because everyone who has a site uses WordPress, right?) it’s really easy and it’s already built in to your site!

just add <- – nextpage – – > (no spaces) into the HTML of your post where you want the post to end and continue to the next page.

For example, in the USB Drives post I created one continuous post and then put the tag in the HTML of the post after the description of each USB Drive.

It’s really easy.   Of course there’s a lot more you can do with it but it’s a good start.


Find out more about formatting the <!- -nextpage- -> tag here.

Author: Andy Quayle

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