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In honor of Digital Learning Day, USA TODAY is offering participating teachers and their students free access to its electronic edition (an interactive digital replica of the print edition). USA TODAY’s electronic edition helps you reinforce and bring relevance to the concepts you are teaching in your classroom by connecting them to events happening today. By using USA TODAY, students develop higher-order thinking skills such as analysis and synthesis to arrive at new solutions. And “real world” information engages students and motivates them to learn. Check it out!

The Alliance is pleased to provide an opportunity to students and teachers to compete in our Video Challenge in any of the following categories:

  1. Teachers (all grades)
  2. High School Students (grades 9-12 or equivalent)
  3. Middle School Students (grades 6-8 or equivalent)
  4. Elementary School Students (grades K-5 or equivalent)

In addition to the category, we have two sections of competition:

  1. Best Digital Learning Day Celebration (CELEBRATE) – Highlights of how you celebrated Digital Learning Day with your students and/or consituencies.
  2. Impact of Digital Learning Competition (IMPACT) – Answer the questions below for your category

Teachers (T):  Tell us how you have used technology to improve your instructional practice and how it has changed your perspective on your work.

High School Students (HS):  Tell us why you believe technology and digital learning are important to helping you get prepared for college and a career.

Middle School Students (MS):  Tell us how you believe technology and digital learning
can help you in your classroom studies.

Elementary School Students (ES):  Tell us how you use technology and digital learning in
school and why you think it helps your teacher.

The Directions And The Rules Are Really Quite Simple:

  1. Links to videos must be submitted via email to [email protected] by March 2nd, 2012.
  2. The  subject line must be int he following format:  CATEGORY, SECTION, NAME & EMAIL. For

Example I:  HS, IMPACT, John Smith, [email protected]

  1. Videos must be free of any objectionable language or material.
  2. Videos must be available via the Internet without password protections. They can be posted through YouTube, SchoolTube, Vimeo, your school’s website, or any other location accessible for judges to view easily.
  3. Videos must be of a quality to view for judging purposes but there are no minimum requirements for quality.
  4. Teams of students or teachers are accepted as long as all participants in the team must comply to the requirements of the category.
  5. Student videos shall be no more than 45 seconds and teacher videos shall be no more than 45 seconds for stand alone or 2 minutes in length with school, teacher or student highlight.
  6. By submitting the video you give the Alliance permission to view and post the video as as needed for contest purposes as well as promotional purposes. All necessary student permissions should be cleared before submitting your video to this contest.
  7. All Alliance decisions are final.

Full details here: