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It’s 3 months into 2012 and for the most part we have all dropped our New Years resolution to get into shape. It’s either too much work, too hard to keep track of the calories we burn, or we just lose interest. Thanks to Pittsburgh based BodyMedia and the FIT CORE armband, they have just taken all the pain out of the calorie counting. With their system the armband keeps track of your calories burned, steps walked, and you level of activity for the day. Combine that with the website to help you keep track of your intake and your overall weight loss, you may just have the combination you need to lose that weight you want. Keep reading to find out.

The BodyMedia FIT CORE armband is a armband that you wear throughout the corse of your day that keeps track of your movements, amount of activity, duration of activity, and skin temp. The CORE armband also captures over 5000 data points per minute to give you the most accurate representation of your activity for the day.

The BodyMedia FIT CORE armband is easy to use and very unobtrusive. First thing, remove the armband from the packaging and plug it into your computers USB port with the included cable for about 3 hours to charge the device and register it with both the site and your computer. Once the device is fully charged, you just pop it into the included arm band, and strap it on. the FIT CORE armband is large enough to collect all the data it needs to, but small enough so you don’t even realize you’re wearing it.

The people at BodyMedia recommend you wear your armband for 23 hours a day. When you take off the armband, you then hook it back up to your computer, and the BodyMedia software automatically downloads your activity for the day and uploads it to the website to help you easily keep track of all the vital information to help you maximize your weight loss potential.

Lets take a look at the website now and how this package helps you lose weight. Lets start off with the Dashboard. On the dashboard is where you can look and find all of your daily information. Here are things such as how many calories you should eat (this is decided during the setup process), amount of calories you should burn , how much activity you should do for a day, how many steps you should be taking, and how much sleep you should get.. The second column is where your information goes, such as how many calories you have eaten, how many you have burned, amount of steps taken, how much sleep, and so on. This screen is a great way to keep you on track with your eating habits without having to do all the math yourself.

Next is the Nutrition tab. This is the screen where you log all of the food you eat. What makes this step easy is the fact that there are thousands of foods already entered into the database so you don’t have to worry about entering all the nutritional information. Just enter the name or type of food, and select from the pick list what the exact item was, and you are good to go. Does the meal your eating not happen to be in the list? Just add all the information into correct area’s to help everyone else out for if they may select the same food at a later date. All this information is taken and entered automatically into your total calorie count for the day.

The next tab it the Excersize Calculator. Curious to see how many calories are burned by a certain activity? Just choose the activity, intensity, and duration of activity and the calculator will tell you how many calories you can look to burn by doing that activity.

Sure, that’s easy to do, but not everyone is around their computer enough to enter their meals. BodyMedia has thought of that also. Using the mobile app, you can enter your food on the run, or while your eating it. It’s never been easier to lose weight.

The BodyMedia FIT CORE armband may not be the cheapest weight loss aid around at $180 for the base model, but it does make keeping track of your diet habits and calories a whole lot easier. The armband is easy to use and holds a charge for multiple days. I would recommend this method of weight loss for anyone who has the money, or is looking for an easy convenientt way to lose those extra pounds.


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