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A phone case that has a built-in charger and another that keeps your credit card info biometrically protected, better holograms for credit cards, a hand-crank vending machine, and outlets the power company can shut down selectively.00:01 JuiceTank
The JuiceTank is a Kickstarter project for an iPhone case with a built-in charger. Power outlet prongs fold back into the case when they’re not in use.00:56 iCache Geode
Another project on Kickstarter, the iCache Geode is an iPhone case that will store all your credit card information, to be unlocked only with your fingerprint.

01:51 Better Holograms for Credit Cards
Researchers in Japan are working on higher quality holograms to thwart credit card counterfeiters.

02:20 Hand Crank Vending Machines
Just because there’s a power outage, you shouldn’t have to go without vending machine goodness. This hand-crank design makes sure you don’t have to.

02:39 Authentication Power Outlet
Sony is working on a new power outlet system that could allow energy suppliers to power off individual outlets to avoid a complete blackout.

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