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TrueFit, a leading innovation firm which helps entrepreneurial start-ups and large enterprises bring new product ideas to market, today announced the launch of RoX, a ‘rocks, paper, scissors’ strategy app for iPhone and iPad. Notably, and with the encouragement of his parents, the app concept is the brainchild of Aiden Sommers, a 10-year-old child from the Ben Avon area of Pennsylvania.

A portion of the game’s proceeds will be donated to needy children of Haiti. Following an exhaustive search for the right partner to bring the product to market, the Sommers family selected TrueFit. The Sommers family and TrueFit collaborated to engineer the game with ease of learning and fun for all skill and age levels. RoX is a two player game, with the objective of any player to earn a “RoXStar” for each victory.

Players can elect to play a match that is the best of five rounds, with the winner the first to win three games, or best of three rounds with the winner the first to win two games. Points are earned by creating one of the three battle elements: rock, paper, or scissors. Commenting on the launch, Aiden’s father Bob Sommers remarked, “I was very proud of him as he got through the first interview without getting sick.”

Sommers added that the experience helped build Aiden’s confidence, insofar as he has recently presented to various classes at his school about his dream and its goals. The app concept has garnered nationwide attention, most recently being featured in the Orlando Sentinel. In discussing his inspiration and decision to donate portions of the proceeds to charity, Aiden Sommers remarked, “It is my hope that if we tell other people how bad it is for the poorest children, and slave children in Haiti, then all of us from around the world can help these kids and stop the poverty. When people learn about RoX, or play RoX, then we can teach them how to help the children, especially the kids without parents in Haiti.”

TrueFit Vice President Christopher R. Evans commented, “The world is a better place with young innovators like Aiden Sommers hard at work! His concept ties in a classic game with today’s modern technology, and takes the concept to a new level with RoX’s game strategy aspects. In addition to being a great example of a game children can enjoy with their families, it’s a great demonstration of giving back to those less fortunate. We’re honored to be a part of the RoX success story.”

RoX is the most recent app launch in a growing array of family-oriented apps from TrueFit, including Convershakn, iBlankie and MommyCal, and is available for download in the iTunes Store:

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