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Their customers spoke (well, shouted) and Starbucks actually listened.

The Starbucks Coffee Company has a Gold Card customer program – users who are eligible for a card have Gold Card Status. Customers earn stars whenever they make a purchase. After 15 stars customers earn a free drink – a drink of their choice.

It’s nice and all but the problem is that Starbucks sends an actual postcard – via the US Postal Service – with “This is a free Starbucks Drink” written all over it to the redeeming customer.
Apparently there are a number of these cards that haven’t made it all the way to the appropriate customers.

Customers noticed this and piped up on the Starbucks suggestion forums questioning why the free drink can’t be loaded onto toe Starbucks Gold Card (the physical card or the app), saving Starbucks the postage, time and effort of mailing the cards and making sure that customers actually get their drinks.


Starbucks (Photo credit: Ivana Di Carlo)

Well, Starbucks listened. A notification was sent out today that Pittsburgh is going to be a testing base for Starbucks loading their free drinks – virtually – onto Customers’ Gold Cards.

Here’s what Starbucks has to say:

Guess what?
You’ve been chosen for our new My Starbucks Rewards™ pilot in the Pittsburgh area toreceive your rewards digitally. We’ve had many requests for this from My Starbucks Rewards™ members, and we’re excited to get it underway.

The Key Facts
Starting April 23 we’ll send you an email every time you’ve earned a free drink or your birthday drink is waiting. Your drink will be loaded onto your registered Starbucks Card account automatically. You will no longer have to wait for a postcard in the mail.

What this means for you
After you receive your email notification, just bring your registered Starbucks Card (or Starbucks mobile app) to a participating store in the Pittsburgh area. Let the barista know you want to redeem your free drink and swipe or scan your Card or mobile app. Simple.

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