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 According to a recent survey of The National Association of Colleges and Employers, the job market is looking up for college grads. This is also good for anyone that is still in the market for a good job. Maybe it’s been awhile since you have had a job interview, or maybe you just need some help with organizing all of your job contacts. Verizon Wireless has come up with a few apps (some paid, and some free) for Android and Apple devices, to help you in your quest for a new job.


  1. INDEED (free) This metasearch engine provides listings to millions of jobs from thousands of job sites. Users can preview detailed descriptions and apply for employment on the go. The app will even update searches by adding the latest job openings from a user’s previous visit. Available on Apple and Android
  2. INTERVIEW PRO ($1.99) This app helps candidates nail a job interview by practicing common interview questions. The app adds new questions on a daily basis, including some tougher questions to help job seekers figure out the “right” answer that employers are looking for.Available on Apple.
  3. ABCONTACTS ($4.99) This app helps users organize their networking contacts by a variety of search fields. Users can create customized filters to choose how their contacts are listed and create their own groups. Available on Apple
  4. HIREADROID (free) This app utilizes multiple job search engines from LinkedIn to CareerBuilder and lets users look up job postings under one single query. Users can also inform others of job opportunities through Twitter. Available on Android



While these apps can’t guarentee you get that job your looking for, they may just give you the edge you need to not only find your dream job, but help you ace the interview.


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Author: Ben Oaks

Ben is a 911 Telecomunicator and a tech nut. Ben was born and raised in the Greater Pittsburgh Area. He reviews Verizon Wireless products for and is the owner of His hope is to bring you the reviews you want to give you an informed decision on products you may be looking into.