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Amsterdam servercluster in its own rack

Amsterdam servercluster in its own rack (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

4th Generation hosting with free email, 24/7 support and tons of free applications!

Pittsburgh, Pa. May 1st, 2012/Tubu Internet Solutions/- Since 1998 Tubu Internet Solutions LLC has been at the forefront of hosting technology. Now, with their 4th Generation Web Hosting platform Tubu Internet Solutions is making web hosting not only more user-friendly but improving hosting security, reliability, scalability, and performance all while keeping hosting packages economical and still offering free email, free applications, and unlimited bandwidth with every package.

For so long many web hosting providers have been offering limited, unreliable, worry-filled web hosting that have to be constantly monitored and changed per customer needs. Tubu Internet Solutions takes the worry out of web hosting with their 4th Generation Web Hosting packages. By using monitored server clusters customers don’t have to worry that their sites can take a massive traffic spike, will go down when a server fails, or will be subject to malicious attacks.

Tubu Internet Solutions’ next generation of Web hosting. 4th generation hosting (4GH) offers a new level of reliability, performance and security.

Our clustered, multi-server environment gives you the horsepower you need to keep your site operating at peak capacity.

Real-time performance management ensures that your cluster will grow dynamically with you. Our dynamic duo for traffic management – Cisco® load balancing and auto-adjusting bandwidth – keeps your site running smoothly, regardless of traffic spikes.

Load Balancing delivers your traffic to the servers with the most available resources, so your site isn’t tied to the limited performance of a single server.

Unlimited, Auto-Adjusting Bandwidth eliminates the overage fees you find with other Web hosts. Your bandwidth automatically increases as you need it, so your site can handle anything that comes its way. Every site is protected by expert, round-the-clock security.

Our team monitors the Internet 24/7, blocking malicious attacks BEFORE they get to your website.

Learn more about Tubu 4GH hosting at:

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