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I’ve been a fan of the TV Show New Girl starring Zooey Deshanel New Girlon Fox.   I’ve been watching it since it started this season.  It seems like a lot of other people have been too.

It’s a light, funny, witty show – my kind of thing.

Yes, I know – this isn’t a TV Show review blog. However, to go along with the show there’s a New Girl App.

It’s rather clever, there should be lots and lots more apps like it.

The deal is that, you pop up the app while you’re watching the show. ‘Live’ or recorded. The app listens to the show to see which episode it is and syncs.
During the show little facts, images, quizzes, and more pop on the app.

It’s like a modern Pop Up Video.

I’ve thought for some time that apps should embrace this Shazam type of technology in identifying TV shows and Episodes.

Why doesn’t GetGlue do it? I’d love to just pop up the GetGlue app and have it identify the show I’m watching or the music I’m listening to.

The New Girl app isn’t packed with as much fun stuff as I’d like to see. Also, it should have been released at the beginning of the season – not this close to the end.

It’s a great start though – Hopefully this is part of an ‘auto identifying’ app trend.

What else? well, you can earn points throughout the episodes, answering questions sharing animated gifs and facts.

The app doesn’t get along too well when you’re watching the episode from your DVR and zip through the commercials.   I’m sure it would have trouble with Hulu too.

Have you tried it? Do you like the show?  Thoughts?

Look for the New Girl app in your mobile app store.   It’s free.


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