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(ARA) – Moms on the go are all about saving time and money. Anything that helps her stay in touch, maintain mobility, get organized and improve efficiency is something Mom is sure to love this Mother’s Day. If you’re at a loss for what to get her this year, it’s hard to go wrong with a technology gift that will help her find more time for her family – and for herself.

The deal experts at FatWallet, an online coupons and deals website, offer some ideas on the kind of technology gift that will help keep mothers moving:

Gift idea: Laptops, tablets or smartphones

How it will help her: She’ll be able to use these mobile tech devices to communicate with family and friends through email, instant messaging, text messaging and Web-camera chat services like Skype or Face Time. In addition to keeping pace with family and friends on social media, she can also find plenty of apps that will help her organize and keep track of her busy schedule. Apps are also a great tool to help manage budgets and shopping lists, and keep tabs on important health markers like blood pressure and weight loss goals. Finally, if after all that she actually has time for herself, Mom can use her tablet or laptop to read books or magazines on the fly.

Gift idea: Scanners, VHS to DVD software, digital cameras, photo processing software

How it will help her: Chances are, Mom’s got some material in VHS format that she’d love to keep. The right software can help her translate old family videos, her wedding video or even a favorite movie from videotape to a more durable, flexible DVD format. A scanner or digital camera are great tools for digitizing prized images for safer storage online. Photo processing software can help her edit and retouch images, and create collages or special effects on favorite photos.

Gift idea: Wireless network/wifi and wireless enabled devices like Bluetooth accessories and e-readers

How it will help her: Going wireless means improved mobility. Mom can use her wireless devices to do a host of activities while on the go, whether she’s out for a run or running the kids to soccer practice. Wireless devices will also help her take advantage of entertainment opportunities like streaming video or media to an HDTV, and even access online movies from sources like Netflix – great gadgets to have on hand for entertaining youngsters on long car rides or in busy waiting rooms.

Gift idea: Tech tutorials

How it will help her: While much of today’s technology is intuitive, sometimes learning all the vast capabilities of a new tool can be confusing and time-consuming. You can find plenty of online tutorials to help Mom learn to use tools like screen sharing, video conferencing and all the many apps available for her tablet, laptop or smartphone. Can’t find one you want? Pitch in and teach her yourself. You’ll probably discover something new together, plus you’ll be spending some quality time with Mom.

Gift idea: Gift cards

How it will help her: Still not sure what to give? Maybe Mom has a better idea. Give her a gift card for technology related services like iTunes, the Apps marketplace, Netflix, Hulu or a tech store.

Finally, after all this creative brainstorming of ideas, you deserve a break, too. When you’re ready to buy, head online to one-stop websites like FatWallet or Ebates, where you can find discounts, coupons and cash back rewards on merchandise, experienced techie staff members and expert community contributors that share tech tips and deals every day.

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