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(ARA) – Communication is the backbone of all businesses – regardless of size or industry. In the modern business environment, the ability to transmit and store information is vital to productivity – and thus, success. But no communication system runs itself – it’s the people behind the scenes who ensure that a business thrives. This means huge career potential for individuals who can design, implement, secure and manage communication networks and keep them running smoothly.

This widespread demand is one of the reasons listed database administrators and systems administrators among its “Best Jobs in America for Fast Growth.” Candidates for these positions are expected to have an educational background in network and communications management or similar subjects.

Bachelor’s degree programs in network and communications management prepare students for maintaining network security and system efficiency, as well as designing computer communications systems.

Students of the Network and Communications Management bachelor’s degree program at DeVry University, for example, learn skills in Ethernet-enabled voice-operated IP systems, security firewalls and next-generation network administration. Courses review wireless communications, advanced topics in networking and network security, preparing students with working knowledge to solve any business communications issues.

Such a degree could open doors to a variety of roles within an organization’s information technology department.

Systems administrator

Professionals in this field are responsible for maintaining system efficiency. They certify that all components of an organization’s computer system work together properly. Additional responsibilities include troubleshooting user problems and providing recommendations for future system upgrades.

Database administrator

Storing, organizing, analyzing, using and presenting data all fall under the responsibility umbrella of database administrators. These professionals determine user needs and implement the necessary modifications for specific computer databases. Database administrators also oversee security measures when this information is shared via the Internet.

Candidates for employment in this field should demonstrate analytical skills, technical understanding of networked data, voice and images, and how to strategically apply this knowledge to any business network.

The 2010-2011 edition of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Handbook reports that overall employment of computer network, systems and database administrators is projected to increase by 30 percent from 2008 to 2018, making it a clear bright spot in the job market.

As companies continue to grow and embrace the latest technological advances to enhance their products and profitability, the dependency for individuals with the expertise to ensure smooth, secure and efficient network communication will continue to remain relevant.

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