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Satellite view on Google Maps showing the non-...

Satellite view on Google Maps showing the non-existent settlement of Argleton in the middle of empty fields. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Because all we need is yet another mapping option, right?

According to various sources, Apple – when it launches iOS 6 later this year – may include their own Google Maps alternative.  They used their imagination muscles and called it “Maps”.

Of course, the plan is for maps to offer the same services that Google Maps offers its users – driving directions, pinpoint locations, street views, and 3D landscapes.

Naturally Apple doesn’t want to use the data of their #1 competitor, Google. They’ve been trying to edge Google Maps out of the iOS devices for some time. This may be their final push.

What do you think?  Do we need yet another Map alternative?  How different can it be?

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