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Pebble E-Paper WatchIt’s a string and a stone!

It was announced today that the the Pebble E-Paper watch and another Kickstarter Project – Twine – will be partnering to make each others projects even more useful.

I’ve talked about the Pebble E-Paper Watch before (see here). Essentially the Pebble watch is a customizable watch that connects to your smartphone.

‘Twine’ is a handy little sensor box that, over Wi-Fi, takes an input processes a rule, and does something with it.
i.e connect the twine box to your front door and tell it to send a message to your Pebble Watch when it feels a vibration.

Of course there are a lot more possibilities than that. Maybe put the twine box on your couch when you leave for work so it can tell you that the dog has hopped up on it?

You can attach external sensors if you want to but right out of the box the twine kit comes with temperature, accelerometer, moisture sensors and a magnetic switch – which is a pretty good start.

If you want a Pebble watch – too bad – they’re sold out of their first run.   Also, the twine project has ended on Kickstarter.

Hopefully there will be more of both available very soon.

Check out the links below and be sure to post some of the possibilities you see with the two teaming up.

Read about the partnership here

Find out more about Pebble here

Find out more about Twine here

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