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imageI logged into my messenger account this morning and was presented with a message telling me that will be shutting down on July 11th.

Wow – that didn’t take long.

Google acquired Meebo just a matter of days ago – and of course Meebo is excited about working with Google on their technologies.

A month of service though?!

You have the option to download your Chat logs from Meebo.

What next for Meebo?

Well, I’d hope that Google would want to integrate an all-in-one messenger into their products. However, why didn’t they do this already?  You’d have thought that they would have if they wanted to.

Why dilute Google Talk?

Over the past few years the people at Meebo have moved away from their all-in-one messenger product. Kind of moved it to the back burner as it were. and focused somewhat more on their Social Web tool bars and such.

Farewell Meebo – it has been a pleasure.

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Author: Andy Quayle

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