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Well, the title may be just a touch misleading but it is essentially true.

This is another of those Kickstarter projects that has gone above and beyond.

Hoping for $12,500 to get their Scanbox project off the ground the creators have found themselves with nearly $112,000 with 26 days to go of the funding period.

Basically the Scanbox is a foldable table for your phone. The nice, bright, white (3) sides and base make for a better way to take pictures of objects, documents, photos etc.

Set up the Scanbox in a matter of seconds, the magnets make it all easy to snap together. Set your phone on top in the marked out space. Tap the photo button and there you have it!

You can get a basic Scanbox by backing the project with $15 or get fancy with a Scanbox Plus by spending $25. The Plus includes a strip of LEDs to light your scan a little better (connect your own 9V battery)

Scanboxes are even available in different colors! Red, Green, Orange, Pink, Black and blue.

Check it out on Kickstarter.

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