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There’s a weird thing that happens with the Chevrolet Volt when you roll down any of the windows.

There’s a strange wind “buffeting” that happens.

It would seem that the aerodynamics of the car causes a rapid wind beating in the window space.   You don’t need to be traveling marvelously fast for this to happen – I’ve experienced it at 35mph and up.

It’s hard to describe and not very pleasant at all – in fact if you experience it for a while you can really feel it in your ears.

However, the good news is that GM has a kit available that slightly modifies the vehicle mirrors to change the turbulence – they may even pay for the modification.

There’s talk that the modification may impact how efficiently your vehicle operates. Honestly though, I’d rather experience a loss of a couple of MPG than have my ears blown out.

The question is though – how did this ever make it out of testing like this?

Here’s a little video I did demonstrating what happens.

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