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Wombat Security Technologies just released new PhishGuru 3.0 anti-phishing training software.

Wombat Security Technologies recently announced the newest release of PhishGuru, an easy to use “software-as-a-service” anti-phishing education product  that assesses and trains employees utilizing simulated phishing emails.  PhishGuru® 3.0 features multiple new customizable training options and was recently awarded PC Magazine’s “Editor’s Choice” for anti-phishing products.

Security officers use the PhishGuru service to send very realistic mock phishing attacks to their employees. The instant an employee falls for the mock phishing attack creates a teachable moment when the employee is humbled and open to learning.  Wombat leverages this moment by providing just-in-time training on what the employee did wrong, and how they can recognize and avoid future phishing attacks. The latest release of PhishGuru provides new training options which are fully customizable and can also include the actual phishing email sent to employees.

Wombat recommends a combined approach of simulated attacks and in-depth training to enhance user learning and retention. In addition to PhishGuru, Wombat’s anti-phishing training suite also includes interactive and game-based training modules.  These training modules enable security professionals and administrators to tackle phishing by teaching users how to recognize and avoid phishing attacks, malicious URL’s, and traps in emails.

“Our training isn’t a quiz or static video where the employees don’t learn anything. We use learning science principles to teach users practical concepts about security, have the users practice those concepts immediately, and we provide instant feedback throughout which lengthens retention and actually changes behavior,” said Wombat’s President and CEO, Joe Ferrara.

PhishGuru and Wombat’s training modules create a powerful phishing education suite with many new features, benefits and accolades:


  • Received PC Magazine’s “Editor’s Choice” award for anti-phishing training
  • Named 2012 Info Security Products Guide Global Excellence Award Winner
  • Proven effectiveness at reducing employee susceptibility to phishing attacks by up to 70%
  • Gathers valuable data to enable security officers to target training to people who need it most
  • Continually updated phishing email templates with new templates added monthly
  • Multiple training options for security officers to select the training method that suits their organization
  • Two new PhishGuru training options with fully customizable content

“Wombat understands that training is about teaching just as much as it is about security, and we incorporate proven theories of learning into the fabric of our offerings,” Ferrara continued. “Instead of boring classroom, video or slide training, we engage employees interactively, creating teachable moments that facilitate real behavior change. This approach not only reduces an organization’s vulnerability to attacks by up to 70%, but also provides CISO’s with measurable and actionable data to improve their security posture.”


The Wombat Security Training Platform

The PhishGuru service is just one of the security awareness tools available in the Wombat Security Training Platform that enables security professionals and administrators to assess employees, deliver training, track results, and improve their cyber security posture. Reporting capabilities in the Platform provide both aggregate and individual data to guide follow-up training programs and show improved results over time


PhishGuru 3.0 is available today.  New customers are eligible for a free trial of PhishGuru. For complete pricing and more information about PhishGuru or the Wombat Security Training Platform, please visit


About Wombat Security Technologies

Wombat is an innovator in helping organizations combat cyber security attacks with uniquely effective software-based security awareness training solutions and a first of its kind anti-phishing filter. Wombat’s training methodology is based upon learning science principles and includes employee mock attacks with brief embedded training, as well as a full complement of 10-minute software training modules which significantly reduce an organization’s susceptibility to cyber-attack. The Company’s anti-phishing filter utilizes multi-layered predictive technology to catch significantly more phishing emails than leading anti-spam/anti-virus filters. Wombat is helping Fortune 500 customers, large government agencies and small to medium businesses in segments such as finance, banking, higher education, insurance, and consumer packaged goods strengthen their cyber security defenses. For more information visit or contact Lorraine Kauffman-Hall at 704-882-0443 or

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