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CreditKarma1At long last (even with a little harassment from me) the fine folks at have finally launched their mobile app.

Why do I rant about Well, it’s simple and it’s free!

Essentially is a (truly) free Credit reporting and monitoring service.

“Yeah, ok. Free Credit Reporting. I see that in my spam box every day” I hear you say.
Actually really is free.   They kind of make their money with advertising and referrals.

While (like many services) the scores and reports may not absolute they do give you a very good idea of which direction your finances and credit as a whole are heading.
The handy recommendations may even work out for you too.

Why a mobile app for Credit Reporting?  It’s all about monitoring and alerts. The app drops you notifications when there are important changes in your Credit Report.

I use the site – it’ has helped me improve my credit. I’ve recommended it to others who think the same way about it.

Check it out!

Download the app from the app store today!

Find out more at

Here’s how the app is described:

Get your truly free credit score and free on-the-go credit monitoring with Credit Karma Mobile.
Become a member for free in-app and get your free credit score in just two minutes.
Credit Karma Mobile provides truly free credit scores and free daily credit monitoring.
? Truly free credit scores
? Free on-the-go credit monitoring
? Notifications when something important changes in your credit report
? Credit report card, which tells you about factors influencing your credit score
? Free membership. No credit card required.
“Credit Karma helped me save over $3,000 on my credit card debt. It was quick and easy!” – James, MA
“My credit score has gone up 43 points in a single month after following some of their advice!” – Leslie, CA
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? TIME Moneyland
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Credit Karma provides more than 6 million consumers with free credit scores and access to free credit monitoring to help them realize the everyday cost savings of having good credit by offering personalized savings recommendations for credit cards, student, auto, mortgage and home equity loans. It also provides financial education and access to free tools that empower consumers to take charge of their financial health including the free Credit Report Card, Credit Score Simulator and Credit Card Statistics. To learn more, visit

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